Logging-induced flooding in the Elk River watershed downstream of Headwaters Forest Reserve

In the last month, I’ve published two stories in the Anderson Valley Advertiser concerning struggles against ecosystem destruction — one of which is also, clearly, a human rights struggle — in my home territory: California’s redwood region.

My Jan. 11th story, “That Old Maxxam Band Again,” explores the historical connections to Maxxam Corporation of the people involved in crafting and defending recent Gualala River floodplain logging plans.

My Jan. 25th story, “Floodwaters Still Rise,” looks at the decades-long problem of logging-induced flooding in the Elk River watershed near Eureka, downstream from the Headwaters Forest Reserve, which invades and destroys people’s homes, orchards, domestic water supplies, and more, and has gravely harmed some of the North Coast’s best coho salmon habitat.

A broader story I’ve written on these topics will be the lead feature in the North Bay Bohemian on Feb. 8th. I will repost it here.

Recent Stories on Redwood Region Logging Struggles
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