Will Parrish is an award-winning investigative and environmental journalist. This web site features regular updates on stories Will is working on, as well as original reporting via the front-page blog.

Will’s writing focuses on the politics surrounding environmental and military issues.  He seeks to challenge conventional wisdom, expose wrongdoing by the wielders of political and institutional power, and tell stories of people struggling for environmental and social justice, often with a focus on the lands and people of California.

Will’s work appears in the Anderson Valley Advertiser, East Bay Express, North Bay Bohemian, Counterpunch, East Bay Monthly, Sacramento News and Review, and the Freethinkers Blog. It has also appeared in Alternet, Truthout, Z Magazine, Z Net, The Ecologist (UK), the Santa Barbara Independent, the Earth First! Journal, WIN Magazine, Foreign Policy In Focus, Reclamations Journal, Lake County Magazine, and numerous other print and online publications.

Will has appeared in documentaries such as The Russian River, All Rivers: The Value of An American Watershed and University of Nuclear Bombs. He has been a guest on numerous television and radio programs and podcasts.

One of his stories received 4th place in the “Investigative Reporting” category of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia (AAN) 2015 national awards contest. The same story received 2nd place for “Environmental Reporting” in the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s 2015 Better Newspapers Contest.

Will is currently working on his first book, which describes the political significance of human and salmon relationships in the US West Coast, with a focus on the role of intra-species alliances in that region’s movements for environmental justice and cultural survival.

A product of California’s public school system from kindergarten to college, Will grew up with his parents and sister on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, CA. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz (BA 2004) with degrees in sociology and journalism. From 2005 to 2008, he worked as Advocacy Associate and Youth Program Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. He has lived in Mendocino County, CA, since 2008.

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